Friday, October 23, 2009

Let the Holidays Begin

Today is October 23rd 2009. A day with special meaning. It's my sisters birthday. Though we cant celebrate face to face, someday in the by and by we will be able to rejoice together once again.

Today's weather is on the gloomy and wet side. This time of year is my favorite. I love fall. But when the weather is like this it can really be depressing. It seems to never fail that once the leaves finally turn their beautiful colors we have rain for days and wind not to mention which makes all the leaves fall from the trees before we can even enjoy their beauty. Just saying.

Not a big fan of Halloween but it always marks the time before my favorite holiday which is Thanks giving. Its time I get to cook a nice meal for my family. Family I guess is the reason why I love this holiday. The house is full of people I love and its celebrated during my favorite time of year, the Fall. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling around then. The house smells of baking. Even the clothes we wear are warm and fuzzy. Its the time of year where hugs are plentiful.

Then of course comes Christmas which is all about family also. My son insists Christmas is his favorite holiday. He says its because he loves Christmas music. Its funny, he's a 15 yr old teenager now and as soon as they start playing the Christmas tunes on the radio, that's all he wants to listen to in the car . The little drummer boy is his fave. My take on why his fave holiday is Christmas is " Could it be because his birthday is the day after?" Uhhh yeah I would guess that's it. He's the one who makes out like a bandit during that holiday. LOL

Well I guess this could be a good day because as Im writing the sun has now popped its head out and maybe just maybe we will have a better day.

We have plans today to go visit my sisters grave. It sure would be nice if the sun was out.

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  1. Danielle,

    It must be a very special day for you as you remember the birthday of your beloved sister, Lisa. She was a very special lady and although I did not see her during the many years after I left Bethel she will always hold a special place in my heart and in the hearts of many others, I am sure. As you visit her solemn memorial and reminisce on the many wonderful days you had to share with her while she was still with us on this (wicked) earth, think joyfully of that day when you will look on her face once more and know that all your time apart was but a moment in God's time. Love is the key. It is what held you and her together while she was here on this planet and it is what will bring you back together again some day!

    Love You!
    Lisa Diaz