Saturday, January 31, 2009


Okay today there is a heat wave, I think its about 34 degrees outside. But what a difference in the way I feel about everything.

Yesterday I went into work early and of course it was freezing outside the car never warmed up enough till I got to work. I never really warmed up at work at all. Then when I left work, all I could think of was getting home to get warm. Well that never happened. Cuz it was kinda cold in the house but I think I never truly warmed up because again the heat didnt kick in till I pulled into the driveway after work. So no, I never warmed up, all to find out my son wanted to go to the movies with his friends. Which is not really a problem but again me or his father would have to drop him off and you know what that means. Going out into the cold again. I begged my husband to take him, so he did thank God but when it came time to pick him up, begging didnt work this time. So off I went to brave the cold again.

Well I was so cold the whole day that needless to say my disposition was kinda off. I was miserable, everything upset me, I was short with my son, my fellow motorists on the road and anyone who wanted something from me cuz I just felt like everything was a chore cuz I was so cold. And WHY why does this happen? I dont like it. Its not me. For the most part Im pretty easy going not a lot bothers me. I even find I become a bit of a recluse when Im cold which is contrary to my outgoing personality. Thank you to Chicago and the great Midwest.

Now today the sun is out and its not much more warmer out but at least tollerable and I feel like I could conquer the world. I woke up this morning and ran an errand for my husband, even took my 15 yr old son to the DMV for a Rules of the Road book so he can get a start on what he will need to know when he gets his permit. ( which will be a whole blog to itself once that happens ) So please ALL start prayin for me now. Then we went out to breakfast and got the car washed all before 1:oo pm. Whoo Hoo. Now go figure if it was 10 degrees colder I probably would have told my husband to run his own errand , and my son your never gonna drive, and the car would have still been dirty and would have complaind that I got salt all over my jacket or something. But no, today is a much better day for all concerned. LOL I even have plans for tonight with the hubby. We plan on seeing a movie and maybe dinner. I wonder if there is some medical reason for this type of behavior when its cold out?

Well anyway Im going to enjoy this time while it lasts cuz it probably wont be for long.


  1. What you are feeling is called S.A.D otherwise known as seasonal affect disorder. It it happens during this time of year because of the weather and lack of sunlight. Google it!

  2. See I knew there probably was some kind of diagnosis for it. Its so crazy. What do you do for it though..... Oh I know go to FLORIDA. LOL

  3. GET SOME SUN! It is all about light. Some people are perscribed these special lights to be put in their home. But basically make sure you are getting enough light, natural or man-made.